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Experience the Westport Advantage

The Westport Indianapolis Advantage means that our focus is on our home buyers, who benefit from our people and processes, durability and quality. We believe you are more than a last name, a lot number or a dollar sign. Every decision we make in regards to our business practices, construction standards, home materials, community locations and home designs is based on you. We know you want a home that meets your needs today and for years to come, so bring your new home dreams and imagination to us, and let’s start building your future.


People and Processes

Our people at Westport are our strongest asset. When you talk with our homeowners, you’ll consistently hear about the individuals on the Westport team who made their experience a great one. Our internet sales representatives, our model consultants, and our construction supervisors are just a few of the people you’ll enjoy working with throughout the journey of building your dream home with Westport. We’ll lay out the steps from the beginning so you know what to expect and are in the know throughout the entire process. You’ll find that our time-tested procedures are easy to follow and will streamline your experience.



We know you’re looking for a home built to last. Westport engages suppliers known for their high quality so we can provide you a well-built home. You can feel confident and secure in the durability of your home, as our great construction team works with the best materials. Year after year, we continue to receive Quality Builders Warranty’s Builder of Integrity Award for having an exceptionally low complaint ratio and high commitment to excellent service.



Westport is all about quality. We meet and exceed industry standards in every possible category with the best building materials, the most advantageous locations and the greatest team of builders in the Midwest. The homes we craft have sustainability at the helm of design, as we are committed to providing our homeowners with an efficient, comfortable and healthy home. Westport scores an impressive average on the HERS Index. For more information on this RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network) scoring system and how Westport can save you hundreds of dollars per year compared to an existing home, check out the RESNET website.


Put the Westport Advantage to Work for You

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