A Checklist of Things to Look For in a New Home Builder

Posted on: October 28th, 2018

new home builderSo you’ve decided to build your dream home?  Congratulations! Now that you’ve made this decision, it’s time to choose your builder.  There are plenty of new home builders out there, and it’s important for you to find the best builder for you and your family. Your new home will be the place where your family builds memories for years to come. It needs to suit your family’s changing needs and be built to last. It’s important to find an experienced new home builder that offers expert opinions but still listens to what you want. They must be committed to quality and qready to go the extra mile to ensure your new home is perfectly suited to you. Here are six things you should look for in a new home builder.

  1. Customer-Focused Mindset. Choose a new home builder that recognizes the privilege they have in making your dream home become a reality. When you find a new home builder who leverages their people and processes to put their clients’ happiness at the core of their focus, you’ll know you have found the right new home builder for your family.
  2. Easy Buying Process. The buying process can seem overwhelming, but with the right new home builder, the process is easy.  Look for an experienced new home builder that’s familiar with the communities they serve and can help you narrow down which neighborhoods might best suit your family. For example, builders in the Midwest could help choose from cities like Fort Wayne, Indianapolis or Columbus to find the best place for their client to build. By providing a wide variety of floorplan options, planning and designing a new home can be fun and straightforward.
  3.  Commitment to Quality. You want the best for your family. You look for quality and value in the things you buy. Certainly your new home is no exception. So choose a new home builder that values quality as highly as you do. While all new home builders are required to meet all local and state requirements, some new home builders are dedicated to going above and beyond these industry standards to provide excellence in build quality. Expect your new home builder to use the best materials available and the best people for the job.
  4. Homes Built to Last. Be sure to choose a new home builder that strives for durability and sustainability in their construction. Look for a new home builder in your area that’s received awards such as the Quality Builders Warranty’s “Builder of Integrity” award. The winners of these awards are considered some of the best builders in the country, and they earn such recognition by showcasing high skill and integrity through a rigorous screening process.
  5. Reasonable Timeline. Your new home builder should have a sense of urgency and understand how eager you are to start a new chapter in life by moving into your new home. Barring any unforeseen issues, you should expect your new home builder to deliver a quality home on the timeline they promise you. For the best new home builders, just completing the project isn’t the goal to finish the project.  Successfully finishing the project on budget, producing a quality product, getting consumer satisfaction and of course, doing it all on schedule is the least you should expect. Be sure to choose a builder that uses these factors to determine a successful build, and ask about their customer service after the move-in.
  6. Warranty. When you build a home, reputable new home builders provide you with service and care even after the building process is complete. New home builders do this in the form of a new home warranty. Let’s face it, despite the fact that your home has been built to very high specifications, every home will eventually require a repair or two. Pick a new home builder whose warranty is right for you.When you pick a builder with a great warranty, the builder can be responsible for handling pesky repairs, saving you valuable time and money.

Your new home is the scene where this new and exciting act of your family’s life will play out, and because of that, you deserve a new home builder that meets all of your expectations.  There are plenty of new home builders out there, but there are fewer that can claim to be amongst the best in the business. You will know you have found the right, experienced new home builder for you and your family when their quality and expertise gives you the confidence to check off all these boxes on this list.

About Westport Homes

Westport Homes has rapidly become a leading new home builder in the Midwest. Our people and processes, durability and assurance of quality home building have expanded our growth from Indianapolis to operations in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and Ohio.

Our quality new-build homes come equipped with an extensive list of included features that other builders consider upgrades, such as decorative lighting packages, finely crafted wood cabinets, impressive landscaping packages, and, on select plans, kitchen islands and luxurious master bathrooms. We offer one of the best warranties in the new home industry. Additionally, we use building materials and suppliers that embrace sustainability and resource conservation. These green features make for a cleaner home and save you money each month on utility bills by using less energy and water.

Find out more about Westport Homes and, if you’re ready to talk about your dream home, contact us today

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