Top Midwest Outdoor Living Trends for Your New Home

Posted on: June 5th, 2019

Create a luxurious outdoor oasis your friends and family can all enjoy!

Once the weather starts hitting the mid-70s consistently here in the Midwest, our thoughts immediately turn to outdoor living. How can we maximize those precious days when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and everything feels possible? By turning our outdoor space, whether it’s a deck, a patio or a huge backyard, into a luxurious oasis where we can relax, reconnect and entertain. Whether you’re looking for a solitary evening of reflection or a pull-out-all-the-stops neighborhood bash, here are the top Midwest outdoor living trends for your new home. Check them out!

  1. Provide the food.

midwest outdoor living

An outdoor kitchen.

Of all the outdoor living trends, this one by far has received the most hype—and for good reason. Sure, you already have a great kitchen inside, but when the weather is perfect, and you’re expecting visitors, the party always moves outside. How could air conditioning compete with a brisk summer breeze? You’re able to join the party while preparing the food and drinks with an outdoor kitchen. And even with your perfect floor plan, you will be thankful to be able to host a get-together that isn’t limited to the walls inside your home. Instead, you’ll be provided with the space you need to cook without feeling crowded by your hungry guests. An outdoor kitchen provides the peace of mind and lack of clutter that makes your part of the party—preparing the meals—an enjoyable endeavor.

  1. Create the vibe.

midwest outdoor living

An outdoor sound system.

Whether you are resting or having a neighborhood cookout, music is always essential. And while we do have small, portable speakers at our disposal, they are nothing in the face of the immersive experience of an outdoor sound system. Instead of having a singular speaker that can only be heard in certain areas of your yard, you’ll have access to a surround sound experience on your patio that will resonate throughout your entire front yard, creating a more lively space for your get-togethers and a more peaceful backdrop for your relaxation sessions.

  1. Set the mood.

midwest outdoor living

Outdoor lighting and themed decor.

You love your outdoor living space. Why not personalize it with lighting and decor that fits your style? Is your patio a place to socialize, whether it be with family or friends? Add a fire pit and an outdoor dining table fit for a cookout with hanging lights to let the party last far into the night. Or is it a place of rest? With a cushioned porch swing and a hammock to kick back and relax on, you can transform your patio into a place of serenity. Make space for a game of tag football, or fill your backyard with towering trees and flourishing flowers. The choices are limitless, and you have space to work with to make your home be an expression of you.

  1. Make the bugs “bug off.”

midwest outdoor living

Pest control.

The outdoors is a beautiful place. And while you love almost everything it has to offer, the tiny pests that arrive around this time of year are not the kind of guests you want in your backyard. With stylish lanterns like this one that fit in with your outdoor decor, or insect repellent fans that both freshen the air and clear it of mosquitoes, you can keep the bugs at bay while also preserving what you love about nature.

  1. Throw some shade.

midwest outdoor living

Create some shade with landscaping, a pergola or a cantilevered umbrella.

The sun is the poster-child for summertime, yet there are times when its jarring light can be intrusive. In these times, what you need more than anything else is shade. Whether you get it from a flourishing tulip tree, a beautifully crafted pergola, an elegant cantilevered umbrella, or a retractable awning, you will not regret the choice to create shade in the outdoor areas of your new home.

Outside of your home should be as comfortable as the inside. Use these trends to make the outdoors an extension of your living space, and thoroughly enjoy every part of the property you own!

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