Home Building 101

Why choose new home construction over buying an existing home?

1. Floorplan Options

New home construction allows you to choose the ideal floorplan along with the exact features and amenities that add up to the perfect home for you and your family. Imagine that you use your downstairs primarily for gathering and entertainment while your upstairs is primarily your sleeping and bathing quarters. Where would you want your laundry room? Upstairs, of course! The best new home builders will have have many floorplan options that can accommodate your lifestyle.


2. No Upfront Repairs Needed

Many existing home sellers are selling their homes with warranties that typically cover you for the first year. That’s great unless something breaks in year two or three or … you get the point. Quality built new homes are move-in ready and built to the latest building code standards. You won’t have to worry about updating wiring, plumbing, or other household systems. You’ll also be starting fresh with new appliances, hot water heater, HVAC and roof, which will likely last you ten or more years before another large purchase must be made.

3. Energy Efficiencies

Using building standards alone, building a new house is usually more energy efficient than an existing home. Energy Star rated appliances as well as more efficient toilets, shower and electrical fixtures are a staple in new homes, and they give you a more sustainable home over the years while reducing your carbon footprint.  

Energy efficient homes have lower overall utility costs and are easier on your home’s heating and air conditioning systems. And you can feel good about choosing a new homes builder that uses building materials and suppliers that embrace sustainability and resource conservation. It’s not just great for our planet– it’s great for you and your family. Look for a quality new home builder that guarantees energy efficient new home construction built with sustainably sourced materials and resource conservation in mind.


See what new homes look like to get a good comparison of new vs. existing floorplan layouts.

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How do I build for my lifestyle?

Whether you’re looking for more space or looking to downsize, building your own home gives you the freedom to customize it for whatever stage of life you’re currently in.


Find more on the home you should build for your lifestyle.

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What kind of research should I do to help me choose a quality new home builder?

Choosing a new home builder is a big decision. How do you go about choosing the best home builder for you? The first step is doing your research. Here’s a handy checklist to help you:

» Check out home builders associations

» Check your new home builder’s BBB listing

» Use online tools like Google and Facebook reviews

» Take a look at your prospective home builders’ websites

» Talk to your prospective home builders’ existing customers

» Interview the builders on your short list


Brand videos can give you an inside look into working with the builder.

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What kind of warranty can I expect in a quality built new home?

Look for a third party warranty from your quality built, new home.

» A third party warranty means that your home is covered even if your builder sells, closes or moves his or her business out of state.

» A third party warranty means that your builder has been thoroughly vetted for reputation, quality, experience and attention to detail by the third party backer.


Find out more about new home warranties.

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What should I look for when walking through model homes?

When determining which home builder is right for you, take a look at their model homes. Seeing the quality of work they do is a must before you start building your home with them.

» Deep cracks in the foundation or basement walls

» Sagging floors or leaning walls

» Windows and doors that don’t sit well in frames or close properly

» Wide cracks in interior walls

» Signs of water damage

» Flooding and sewer and drain backups

» Switched hot and cold spigots 

» Missing required permits

If you see any of these flaws, it could signify construction defects. Ask questions and maybe consider hiring a structural engineer to examine your newly built home before closing.


Learn what quality really means to builders.

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How can I get luxury in my new home construction while still getting value?

Finding luxury and value in one builder is no easy feat– not all home builders are created equal. When you’re checking out new home builders, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Some new home builders will add upgrade charges for things like decorative lighting packages, finely crafted wood cabinets, upscale landscaping packages, kitchen islands and truly luxurious master bathrooms. Others will include many or all of those things in their standard pricing. So make sure you’ve got all the information on those important details before you choose your new home builder.


Get a little insight into building a new home with these 7 Simple Steps.

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